Wednesday Jun 12, 2024

Blessing In Disguise: Edgard Corona

Some people would look at having an accident
as a hindrance. Edgard Corona  was able to make it a blessing in disguise. When
he went skiing he fell and hurt himself. While he was recovering from his
injuries he was able to learn about the healing process and what exercise can
do for the body. This gave him the idea to start a company called SmartFit. He
saw that many people in his native land could not get access to a gym so they
could lead better lives . He wants to change that perception and that is when
the company starting moving forward. 

 Edgard Corona has had his share of ups and
downs in his lifetime. He has been able to look at past investments that he has
made and was able to learn from them. It was a real learning curve for him. He
was glad to have the experiences and be able to move forward with the next
. When he started he wasn’t sure it would work. Now he has been able to
transform the industry in his native land and give people a reason to go out
and get some exercise. He is also expanding it to include school kids as well.
He wants to make a difference in kids’ lives. 

 To know more about Edgard Corona
visit @  

Edgard Corona and SmartFit have been on the
landscape of physical fitness for  many years now. It is one of those moments
that he can look back and take pride in. He was able to take something that
happened to him and turn it into a positive outcome. He has been able to reach
many people with his story and hopes to continue to do that for years to come.
It is something that people can take a look at and learn from as well and more 


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