Philanthropy and Success of James Hope

James Hope is a philanthropist, writer, commentator and internet entrepreneur who focuses greatly on advance technology concerning the Internet on Things. James also focuses on the technology trends that have emerged in the recent times. According to his articles, technology development will be greater in future as he outlines how more products will be innovated for the benefit of various people.

Jason refers to the Internet of Things as the connection that technology allows to several devices to partner with each other. The devices are commonly used devices on a daily routine of every person such as the kitchen tools, cars, electronic devices and street lights. Internet of things has rapidly changed the way businesses operate and views to become the most superior advancement in technology industry.

There is a huge possibility that several companies will be left behind since they will not be able to keep up the pace with the Internet of Things quickly. The key advantage of the Internet of Things is that it has the mandate to exclude a huge waste and makes the daily lives of the people be efficient. An example is a GPS that is installed in the phone or in the car, a person is able to locate his devices wherever they are through that application.

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The 10 Laws of Internet of Things busted! #IoT @gizbotcom

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 7, 2016

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe. He managed to get his degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA in ASU Corey School of Business. Hope donated half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation that helps fight age diseases. SENS does not only apply clinical treatment, it also applies technology to slow down the aging process for the elderly, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

The Foundation is working to toward efforts that can be able to reverse heart disease, lung cancer, among others. Jason is happy with the idea since the institution uses Internet of Things to help treat patients in its own facility. Jason built a mobile communication company and now concentrates on investing startups, philanthropy and biotechnology.

Internet on things is applied in several areas such that companies are banking on them to stimulate growth in the economy. This is majorly because the technology is improving at a higher rate. Internet of Things is also applied in prediction, for instance there are sporting fitness trackers. In the near future, more devices will have developed to advance them. The technology monitors biometrics and adjusts the lighting and room temperature for the devices using sensors, and

Users hail Securus Technologies for providing revolutionary services in the prisons.

Securus Technologies has built a name as the leader in the provision civil and criminal justice technology solutions to many corrections centers and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. The company is reputed for its ability to identify and prevent crimes through the use of modern technology. For many close to three decades, Securus Technologies has assisted prisons in the country to monitor, prevent and solve inmate crimes through the use of technology. The company has also been very instrumental in enhancing public safety besides offering a platform for the inmates to communicate with their loved ones.


A number of satisfied clients who have been served by Securus Technologies have seen it worthy to offer their honest feedback on the various services offered by the company. The comments published on the company’s website were retrieved from the emails and letters sent to the company by their clients. The positive feedback received from the clients speaks volumes of Securus commitment to enhancing public safety and making prison life more bearable.


According to Richard (Rick) Smith, Securus will continue to invest more resources in technology to ensure that they continue providing working solutions to their customers. The company receives numerous letters and emails from their clients, and in October last year, the company published some of the comments from the customers. The company, however, masked the identity of the customers for privacy reasons.


Securus Technologies customer feedback

One customer noted that Securus Technologies provided urgent assistance where they needed to get a warrant for arrest on an identified corrupt official in their organization. Through the information provided by Securus, the organization’s managed were issued a warrant for arrest, and they arrested the culprit for prosecution.


In another case, Securus helped a corrections center to detect drug trafficking, alcohol abuse suspicious financial transactions and other illegal activities that were happening behind the walls. Other users have hailed Securus for revolutionary services by providing a means through which inmates can communicate with their loved ones.


The Factors that Make Securus Technologies Known for Prison Technology

Securus is a famous company which deals in communication technology in prisons. The firm specializes in the provision of parole tracking, inmates communication service and providing sensitive solutions to government information systems. Currently, the company provides services to over 2600 correctional facilities. Its service is available in 45 states. The law enforcement authorities have benefited a lot from the services of Securus Technologies. Rehabilitation services have been improved through the technology from the company.

Securus Technologies acquired technical facilities and patents worth $600 to facilitate their work. The services of the company ensure the use contraband cell phones is abolished. The management is done using Wireless Containment Solution. The firm also provides investigation and information management services. The inmates can communicate with their families using the communication service offered by the company. The public information and incidences control are conducted by the company to ensure that the state is safe for human existence.

The company provides information to the law enforcement which is crucial in rehabilitation services. The information obtained is used to improve and monitor correctional facilities. The information is also important is ensuring that the prisoners obtain justice. The incidences of drug peddling and drug abuse are controlled by the company. The firm monitors the calls in the rehabilitation centers to ensure that drug peddling and abuse are restrained.

The Securus Technologies is in the forefront in ensuring that the prison services are upgraded. Its services are essential in maintaining public safety the company maintains data which aids in improving rehabilitation facilities. The LBS software which the company uses helps in recovering stolen assets and controlling the use of firearms. The technology is used together with Investigator Pro. The technologies make the company the best in prison service provision. The company is recognized by most states for the quality services that it provides to the prison and rehabilitation facilities.