December 11, 2017

Changes In Banco Bradesco SA

After 74 years of service, Lazaro de Mello Brandao is retiring from Banco Bradesco SA in Brazil. At 91 years of age, Brandao is one of the oldest serving bank chairmen in the world. He spent over 25 years
September 15, 2017

The Contribution of George Soros to the Society

George Soros is an American-Hungarian businessman, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who ranks as one of the top investors globally. Born in Hungary in the year 1930, George Saros left Budapest for London
July 9, 2017

Jason Hope Praises the Internet of Things

We are living on the brink of technological revolution and one man, Jason Hope, seems to be scouting ahead of the rest. Jason Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur who is as known for his work with companies
June 22, 2017

Bumble Giving People A Real Place To Meet

Bumble has always been known for changing the way dating apps work. It was thought of as just a slightly different version of Tinder, but today, the app is changing everything you may know about dating
April 18, 2017

How Brian Bonar Created His Own Success

Brian Bonar is a financial specialist who has developed an envious career over the year. To prepare for his career as a financial specialist he had a top notch education. He first graduated from the University