Users hail Securus Technologies for providing revolutionary services in the prisons.

Securus Technologies has built a name as the leader in the provision civil and criminal justice technology solutions to many corrections centers and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. The company is reputed for its ability to identify and prevent crimes through the use of modern technology. For many close to three decades, Securus Technologies has assisted prisons in the country to monitor, prevent and solve inmate crimes through the use of technology. The company has also been very instrumental in enhancing public safety besides offering a platform for the inmates to communicate with their loved ones.


A number of satisfied clients who have been served by Securus Technologies have seen it worthy to offer their honest feedback on the various services offered by the company. The comments published on the company’s website were retrieved from the emails and letters sent to the company by their clients. The positive feedback received from the clients speaks volumes of Securus commitment to enhancing public safety and making prison life more bearable.


According to Richard (Rick) Smith, Securus will continue to invest more resources in technology to ensure that they continue providing working solutions to their customers. The company receives numerous letters and emails from their clients, and in October last year, the company published some of the comments from the customers. The company, however, masked the identity of the customers for privacy reasons.


Securus Technologies customer feedback

One customer noted that Securus Technologies provided urgent assistance where they needed to get a warrant for arrest on an identified corrupt official in their organization. Through the information provided by Securus, the organization’s managed were issued a warrant for arrest, and they arrested the culprit for prosecution.


In another case, Securus helped a corrections center to detect drug trafficking, alcohol abuse suspicious financial transactions and other illegal activities that were happening behind the walls. Other users have hailed Securus for revolutionary services by providing a means through which inmates can communicate with their loved ones.


Ricardo Tosto as the Man Behind Enhancing the Legal Status of Brazil

Globally, lawyers tend to have a lot of respect because whether not all of us accept, they are the people who help others that are in trouble with the legal system. On the other hand, there are those individuals who maybe because of one or two reasons, their rights are curtailed. Therefore, they seek help from lawyers to get their voices heard. In Brazil, the same applies. In fact, it is one of the prestigious occupations as it is never easy to steer by oneself or by the help of a profession and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

The law of Brazil is by the constitution, and it is governed by statutes. The current constitution was created in 1988.Given it’s only been there for about 20 years now, many individuals have the interest to learn and comprehend it especially, lawyers. Most people who study law begin their profession at 23. This is after five or six years of studying law plus internship. After that, to become a certified lawyer, they ought to pass Brazilian Bar exams.

As from 2011, the number of lawyers has tremendously increased. There are those who are certified and practicing while others who have passed exams but not yet practicing. Getting hold of a lawyer is not hard as a single firm can have up to 500 lawyers. Although fluent English is a bit tricky for them when communicating, they do great work and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a powerful attorney in Brazil. He is one man who is on the move of ameliorating the legal status of his country. Having moved from statutes laws that were put in place by the Portuguese, Ricardo does his work with finesse as he represents his clients by making sure that they stay informed about the current legal system and

Working with his law firm, he is also involved in pro-bono.This may seem unlikely for him given he is from a prestigious firm but for him, it is not all about the benefits of his job, he cares for the people. He knows that a lot of people’s voices have been curtailed and they need legal representation, and so he offers help where he can. Apart from legal descriptions of clients, he is also working with different organizations whose interests are to improve environmental laws. Lawyers can learn something from him. He is exceptional and read full article.