The Internet Of Things Gets The Approval Of Jason Hope

When Jason Hope comments on technological innovations, no one can question. The technology futurist’s word is believed by many as the last word in technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most recent technological trend to receive a boost from Jason, who described it as a technology wave. According to Jason, IoT will not only dominate the tech industry for a long time, but its effects will be felt even in other industries who use technology in their operations.

Jason explained that the Internet of Things would transform business operations globally in a very simple process. To begin with, the market bigwigs will start embracing the new trend in a gradual manner. Competition between these bigwigs will gain momentum with time, and they will all hastily embrace the trend. In fear of being phased out of business by these bigwigs, the small businesses will be compelled to join the IoT wave.

In Jason’s assessment, technology is swiftly changing from a convenience tool in the city life into a basic necessity in both urban and rural setup. He predicted a future where the public transport system will be monitored using technology, primarily to ease congestion and to improve safety on the roads. Jason Hope went ahead to argue that technology will even be installed in houses to regulate basic things like the lighting system.

About Jason

In his spirit of philanthropy and desire for a disease-free world, Jason made a donation of a whopping $500, 000 to SENS foundation. The foundation is based in California and is digging deeper into how aging can be overturned in human beings.

Jason’s Alma mater is the Arizona State University. He resides in Scottsdale and is referred to as the futurist within the tech field.

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